A new and lyf-ly way of living: Catering to varied lifestyle needs

the co-living model provides a flexibility in terms of lease duration which provision to a diverse range of demographics. lyf outstanding concept even in this competitive environment. With the strong fundamentals of CapitaLand Investment, lyf boasts to offer an unremarkable living experience to the community-seeking urban dweller. As a part of Ascott’s latest brand revision, lyf is leading the forefront a hybrid accommodation concept, catering flexible time frame for  accommodations that cater to different travel and lifestyles. One of lyf’s latest locations is in one-north, a safe heaven in the perfect locale. Strategically easy access to the MRT station is a obvious benefit for daily commuters and explorers alike, while its seamless connectivity to the business hubs in the area makes lyf one-north Singapore the excellent choice of accommodation for frequent business travellers to the vicinity. However, the beauty of its location beneath in its calculated distance from the buzzing city centre, providing residents the peaceful they often lacked of in city.   Despite its distance away from the metropolitan, lyf make sure that guests are occupied with activities. One of the most extraordinary features of lyf one-north Singapore is its emphasis on promoting social interactions among its residents. The premises boasts unique social amenities, such as shared kitchens, lounges and co-working spaces, which not only foster interaction but also initiate intellectual and creative exchanges. “While the hardware such as property floor plan, room size and social spaces is similar [to other coliving business owners], the ‘heartware’, which is one of our unique selling points, is extremely unique. lyf properties are well-known for their vibrant, zestful and Instagrammable communal spaces, which strengthen a sense of community and social interaction among residents,” tells Khua. “The regular social entertainment and programs present opportunities for residents to interact and mingle with similar character people in the vicinity. This combination of facilities and location makes lyf one-north Singapore an alluring option for those looking for a convenient and family-like living experience,” adds Khua. An exhilarating series of in-house social programs ensures that life at lyf one-north Singapore is as intellectually stimulating as it is fun. From culinary workshop to classes and community service opportunities, the programs are arranged to gel together like-minded individuals who can share, learn and grow together.

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